tumblr in action in action

It has come to my attention that I have gained a fair number of followers that agree with the snippets of things that I have clipped from Reddit. 

It’s a lot easier for them to try and satirize the fact that this blog exists, because they have someone to agree with in most of these screenshots. 

I personally find this hilarious, and I would like to point out that it reinforces the idea that people on any community can be hilariously bad. This doesn’t have any baring on whether or not social justice activists are more or less likely to be bad, and for what reasons, but it certainly illustrates a community of tumblr users sympathetic to /r/tumblrinaction. 

I feel if I started screenshotting or reblogging some of their choice bits of unreasonable behaviour, it would not only make my already simple job of finding things to post far too easy, it would also reduce the exposition based nature of this blog. But it’s certainly tempting.